Trail - 2004

Trail is the conclusion of an investigation into a New Forest ‘will o’ the wisp’ – Laurence -using formal methods of research to evaluate mythology, fact and fiction in the presented work. A four part multi media installation presented in a solo show at ArtSway in the New Forest, it is a work that is specific to the local landscape. Examining four sites pertaining to sprites and pixies, it was presented as ‘research’ in three adjacent spaces within the gallery and as a walking guide that returns the narrative back into the landscape. The installation begins with a collage of collected groundwork, this leads to four large scale panoramic photographs wrapped around the central gallery space, examining the pixie sites at dusk. The exhibition continues through to a two screen video installation presenting two light sources, one leading and one searching in the forest at night – both mystifying and demystifying dark space.

Trail, ArtSway, Sway, New Forest, 2004.